Step of Green
While developing the creative garden designs for our clients at Wilson WARE Group we have found two things to be true. Good design and good construction are not always hand in hand and often construction and craftsmanship are not either. To alleviate these problems we developed our sister company Step of Green to assist in building and maintaining the gardens we designed or designed by others. Step of Green, handles the two biggest questions our clients have, who can build the garden and who can help me maintain it? We offer a variety of services within Step of Green see below to find out how we can turn your problem into and asset.

Paver and Stone Walkways
Step of Green is first to point out that often the most import parts of every garden at the shapes of the lawn and the proper use of hardscape elements. We are well versed in concrete pavers, clay pavers and a wide variety of stone products available for our climate. We take extra care to assure adequate sub base material is installed, proper compaction is attained and necessary drainage elements are met throughout the process. You will also find that it is important to Step of Green to develop a unique paved program for each of our clients based on their needs and budget to assure every walkway or terrace is a showcase for many years to come.