Step of Green
While developing the creative garden designs for our clients at Wilson WARE Group we have found two things to be true. Good design and good construction are not always hand in hand and often construction and craftsmanship are not either. To alleviate these problems we developed our sister company Step of Green to assist in building and maintaining the gardens we designed or designed by others. Step of Green, handles the two biggest questions our clients have, who can build the garden and who can help me maintain it? We offer a variety of services within Step of Green see below to find out how we can turn your problem into and asset.

Site Drainage Solutions
Site drainage is a part of the discussion in about 1005 of our projects. It can be as minute as assuring proper pitch in a new walkway to shed water properly to installing a large underground cistern that is used to water plants or provide a unique water feature. Step of Green is well versed in the needs of site drainage at every property. We find that often simple solutions and proper installations always bring a level of calm to our clients in knowing when it rains, it doesn't pour. We find that every drainage solution and application is unique to every garden, and our approach is to solve the problem effectively the first time.