Step of Green
While developing the creative garden designs for our clients at Wilson WARE Group we have found two things to be true. Good design and good construction are not always hand in hand and often construction and craftsmanship are not either. To alleviate these problems we developed our sister company Step of Green to assist in building and maintaining the gardens we designed or designed by others. Step of Green, handles the two biggest questions our clients have, who can build the garden and who can help me maintain it? We offer a variety of services within Step of Green see below to find out how we can turn your problem into and asset.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance
The staff at Step of Green is available to expertly care for your garden so your family can relax, play or simply enjoy the seasons. Our lawn service programs vary from basic service to vary in depth advanced service. Our basic program is listed below, but we are able to provide advanced lawn programs, including seasonal cleanups, vegetative pruning, perennial dead heading, fertilization programs, pet waste removal, and many others.
Basic Weekly Lawn Service
  • Lawn shall be mechanically mowed to a height of 2-3" as applicable. All grass clippings to be returned to lawn.
  • All lawn edges will be power edged, including walks, walls, trees and/or foundations.
  • All paved surfaces will be blown clean of all vegetative debris.
  • Erroneous non-vegetative debris will be picked up and removed from lawn and landscape beds.
  • Perennials will be dead headed to prolong flowering as well as increase vigor.
  • Unless agreed upon by client all lawn clippings will be removed from the property.

Every program is based on and through interview with our clients to give them a program to fit within their needs, budget and goals in the garden.