Our goal is to create unique gardens with three main voices being heard; the site, the architecture and the client. You will find in our project images a representation of how we bring the needs of our clients as well as their budget, to create an aesthetically pleasing solution to their specific site. We hope after reviewing our portfolio of projects we can bring your dreams to reality in your garden, contact us at Quick Quote to set up a meeting.
The process with Residential clients is very unique. Every client has a budget, a need and a dream; we take it upon ourselves to offer a variety of styles, our expertise and our promise to give you the best product within your means. Our designers rely on their decades of experience to find the right mixture of each to create beautiful gardens. Please peruse our portfolio and see if a garden catches your interest or gives you an idea, give us a call or email to set up a FREE Consultation. Don't forget we do lawn Maintenance as well; check out Step of Green for details!
The process with Commercial clients comes in a varying form of needs. Commercial clients need one of three; design, construction or maintenance, rarely all three together. We are well prepared to handle each one to perfection separately or any combination of the three. As in our approach with Residential clients, Commercial clients find we are attuned to their needs. Specifically our Step of Green team relies on their seasonal understanding of the environment and the way the landscape assists in the needs of businesses. Our seasonal maintenance is a great tool, many of our clients find useful. Peruse the portfolio to see how we help others and see how we can help you by giving us a call or email to set up a FREE Consultation.