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We have always relied on the help of others to create a knowledgeable staff and best understand how we can provide an excellent product. We owe our knowledge to others who have been so kind to show and teach us through our careers. To readily assist those who need a little help in the garden and want to borrow from our knowledge we have developed his area of our website. We hope to share new plant finds, talk about good garden care and maintenance, design ideas, helpful tricks in the garden and so many more. Remember this is our opinion, we us it in our daily business, but unless we do the work all the responsibility falls on to the user.
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Useful Web Sites
Illinois Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects
An excellent site to see the talents and projects of Landscape Architects throughout the Illinois area.

American Society of Landscape Architects
This national site illustrates the varied abilities, talents and information on the most talented Landscape Architects in the profession. It is also loaded with excellent information on how and why one should hire a Landscape Architect.

Illinois Landscape Contractors Association
No garden can be truly complete without excellent contractors. Visit this site to see what Illinois has to offer and to see what a good licensed contractor can do for your own garden.

Chicago Botanic Garden
CBG's site offers an experience for everyone, from the novice gardener to the experienced Landscape Architect. Classes and seminars are offered for everyone to further understand the opportunities in our own gardens. Don't forget to go to the garden in person, as the experience will make a gardener out of anybody.

University of Illinois Extension
An excellent site to find information on regional issues. Plant types, horticultural issues such as pruning and health, as well as a great source for the whole family.

Morton Arboretum
To have such wonderful Arboretum in the Chicago is a joy that one should see. Established by the Morton family in 1922, it is has been a recognized around the world for its magnificent collection of plants, and as a leader in research and education. Don't forget to bring the kids as the Children's Garden is fabulous.
Nurseries and Growers
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