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We have always relied on the help of others to create a knowledgeable staff and best understand how we can provide an excellent product. We owe our knowledge to others who have been so kind to show and teach us through our careers. To readily assist those who need a little help in the garden and want to borrow from our knowledge we have developed his area of our website. We hope to share new plant finds, talk about good garden care and maintenance, design ideas, helpful tricks in the garden and so many more. Remember this is our opinion, we us it in our daily business, but unless we do the work all the responsibility falls on to the user.
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Landscape lighting adds a touch of color to your gardens and is a great way to enhance your garden. Lights come in pathway and spot fixtures, in a wide variety of colors, finishes and styles. Light fixtures for the landscape add charm and style to any garden. Lighting should be limited to illuminate safety (walkways, steps, edges) and accent only (facades, specimen trees or garden ornament). By using landscape lights in your landscape, you not only extend the usability of the garden into the night time hours, but you add a sense of security to your home.
Different Types of Landscape Lights
Lights for the landscape are usually powered by two different sources. We ate Step of Green prefer using Low Voltage fixtures. Low voltage systems are direct wired or plugged into a transformer (and timer) that sends a safe low voltage current through direct burial wires linking fixtures and providing specific zones. These systems offer more flexibility and are very durable for the residential user.

Solar lighting fixtures have a solar cell that absorbs energy from the sun and stores it in rechargeable batteries. These types of lights are less expensive; however how long and bright the light shines depend on the amount of sunlight it has stored in it. These lights are by far the least expensive, but generally are poorly done and offer little useful light or garden accents.

We at Step of Green do not install solar lighting, but do install a variety of landscape lighting systems. Although there are several manufacturers available, we recommend using Vista or Kichler, they are durable, flexible and quality products. We also provide our customers with the necessary supplies and maintenance for almost any system.